Sunday, 11 November 2007

Just a moment...

Aloof, alone, he comes,
Striking you hard,
A swift blow,
And, staggering, you fall.

His club, pounds,
Just too hard,
And, you hold back,
In sheer shock.

His firece ruthlessness,
It freezes the pain,
Spell bound, you stay,
Breathing heavy.

His savage attack goes on,
A moment stretching into eternity,
Leaving you hollow, beaten.
And, you remain in a mystic daze.

Then comes the aftermath,
A calm, deafening silence,
And you wake, unscathed, untouched,
Yet never the same, never ever the same.

And he walks on, smiling,
How a single moment can change your life!!!!!!!


  1. Jeezzz... Sashu, mindblowing stuff..brrrr..gave me gooseflesh..:)

    fantastic, to say the least!

  2. aaah,,,,dat makes me more guilty of being a guy




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