Sunday, 4 November 2007


Corner to corner,
My eyes searched,
For you.
Amidst the crowds,
I found faces many.
Some smiling,
Some mocking,
Some sad,
Some not bothered,
Faces unknown,
Expressions many,
But nowhere, I found you.
My mind started framing,
Reasons many,
Thoughts turned grave,
Terrorizing me,
I felt my chest laden,
In fright, anew.
Sweat broke out,
In beads,
Voice choking,
Tears threatening,
To befall,
I ran around,
Looking for you, all over.
Heartbeats raced on,
A frenzy.
I tried hard to look over,
For a glimpse, of you.
And then, off the distance,
I found you,
My heart gave a leap,
I paved my way to you,
Smiles intermingled,
With fresh tears.
And, I reached near you,
I held out my arms,
To touch you.
Alas! You vanished,
Into the thin smoke,
On a single touch of mine.
And I stood, paralysed in fear,
Gripped by guilt.
Oh, where did you go?
Ohh...Where did you go?
Ohhh... Where did you go?

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