Sunday, 11 November 2007

You and me...

Last night I had a dream,
You and me,
Together, walking,
Hand in hand.

The emerald green of the oceans,
The blue carpet of the cloudy sky,
The coolest breeze of love,
Flowing through us.
Words were not spoken out loud,
Just silence spoke,
A million words.

You and me,
Eyes locked,
Hands entwined,
Dreams shared,
Promises lived,
We walked on, and on.

Our footprints, washed away,
Yet traces of ours, still fresh,
Lingering on,
In every droplet of the sea,
every fluffy little cloud,
Every puff of the gale,
Every ounce of life,
You and me...

And, I woke up, dreamy eyed,
To find you, right beside.
You and me...


  1. Ummm and mmmm and say the least, love writes itself so wonderfully in your verse...
    absolutely amazing!

  2. Marvellously written....i cud feel myself in the poem...very well written....u write so well...theres intense feelings in ur writings....looking forward for some more good poems....don't mind it if i use ur poems to impress other girls




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