Sunday, 4 November 2007

Dinner Nightmare!

Nervous eyes,
Fluttering heart,
Bated breath,
I held on to my being.

Smiles plastered,
Conversation hard,
Interrogation stark,
I tried to live through.

Warmth lacking,
Affection strained,
Eyes scrutinizing,
I felt naked, stripped.

Food untouched,
Stolen glimpses,
For reaffirmation,
I looked at him, in faith.

Final verdict,
Sweat profuse,
anxiety of torture,
Finally,a nod, in consent.

I never did know,
Meeting his parents,
Would be this hard.
Phew! a nightmare, done with!!!

1 comment:

  1. sashu felt the lines could be more touching in prose than in verse...a common theme uncommonly presented though :-)




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