Tuesday, 4 December 2007


The very gentle breeze,
Laden with the fragrance,
Of young new blossoms;

It blew on, soft a gale,
And I tried hard to smoothen,

My flying black locks!

The beauty of today,

Reflects in my eyes.

The youth of life,

Ebbs in my each heartbeat.

Life is indeed beautiful.

Every little step I take,
Bubbles of dreamy desires,

They swell in me.

And I walk on, barefoot,

As if along petal soft a path,
Following the trail of bubbles.

Bubbles of my dreams,



And, ever so mine!!!!!


  1. Nice nice...you are alwayz terribly perfecto' wid ur expressions and soft touches...this one is not of an exception..

    God bless!

  2. And all the way up hill,
    you make me feel in the misty english groves.

    Not cold, not chilly,
    the warmth of your presence spun around me.

    I am listening deep into you,
    not disturbing the volume of silence you asked for

    You send me whirlpools, diving through you and rising in me

    I enjoy getting lost in it,getting discovered in it
    I enjoy, you enjoying sending it to me.

    And all on a sudden you'll once go back down hill.
    But till then let the trail go on...

    That was a nice one.





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