Thursday, 20 December 2007

Glassy Silhouette...

The very long time of being together,

Wild youth and cherished memories,
The rapturous joys, twinkling over,
The days that stretched into sheer bliss,
And nights ending in eternal flames,
Toppings of the golden sun rising.
Indeed, bygone days, ever charismatic!

The trivial clashes of opinions many,
The daily trifles ever so bitter sweet,
Pillow fights, flakes of cotton fluffy,
Scattered all over our crumpled beds,
A million dreams sprinkled, in them.
Waking up together with sheepish grins,
Battles of overnight, forgotten in ease!

Now, as I sit alone, in the very same room,
Re-living those days, I wonder stark,
What really did go wrong, was it you,
Or was it me? Not that it matters now.
Yet, I ponder day and night, moments galore,
When did things take a headlong turn,
Moving ourselves apart? A creek growing.

Memories flood me, as I wake up alone,
They surround me in my every move.
Engulfed by the vacuous depth, of despair,
I sit back, trying to frame the lost thoughts,
Placing each word uttered, retracing each step.
And in the wake of every new dawn, I cry out loud,
For I see a glassy silhouette shattered, in my dreams..

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