Thursday, 20 December 2007

Christmas Blossoms :)

An ode to Christmas, here I go,
Dwelling into my childhood memories,
Memories of savoring the special days,
Of living and loving Christmas:

As the snow carpet begins to veil,
All the glory hidden beneath the layer,
As the chilly winds begin to holler,
And winter sales being to flood allover,
I find myself awake, to a new December,
A new winter, and a new Christmas!

Trudging through the snowy footpaths,
Dressed in fur, covered in layers of wool,
Windows all over, displaying goodies,
Apartments cloaked in golds and reds,
Shimmery decorations, to welcome ol' Santa.
Ah! Christmas season in all earthly splendor!

The rush for the best tree to be adorned,
In lights and stars and twinkling shimmer.
The 'shopping till we drop' sessions at large,
The oodles of chocolates and fruit cakes,
The many odd Santas dressed in red and white.
Indeed, a time to relish and cherish, ever!

The gifts well packed, placed beneath the tree,
The largest of the socks, neatly unfolded,
Lay hung, beside the many bed rests, in awe,
Hoping to be filled to the brim, a year's rewards,
For being good, kind and perfect to the hilt.
Indeed, a night of sleepless fervor, delightful.

All the folks on the hunt, for that very one-
The perfect turkey, to be stuffed with all joy,
Cookies and brownies, wine and the perfect dine.
Prayers of being and doing good, for one and all,
Saviour's sacrifices remembered in deepest respects,
A new Christmas, in all spirit and purity of being.

Tonight, as I sit back reading this special ode,
A drop of tear drops down, and I find myself,
Go back to being me, pure and blemishless,
As that little girl, on the Christmas eve, years ago...

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  1. Lovely, visually, and verbally...:) Loved the way you have put down tangibly, sheer nostalgia!




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