Saturday, 29 December 2007

Sky Far...

Silver linings, white soft silk,
Creamy skin, supple, yielding.
She stood at the hall way,
Twinkling eyes, lined in Kohl,
Shining eye lashes, shimmering,
Holding alive, a million dreams.
The lone string of lustrous beads,
On her slender neck,it shone.
Locks of golden hair, let down,
Swaying along, in the breeze,.
Her vine red lips, mesmerizing,
Curved, offering a dazzling smile.
Dangling chandeliers, glittering,
Jingling from across her ears soft.
White silk, hugging her tight,
Gentle curves, swaying delight.

She stood, across the stairway,
A golden dream, in the midnight blue.
Aching to touch, to hold, to love,
He stood, hidden behind the crowd,
Watching, devouring, her every move.
Ever oblivious to him, she moved,
Gliding across the glazing ball room,
Dancing feet and breathtaking beauty.

Eyes cloudy, in sheer awe, he stood,
Admiring, loving, achingly distant.
Painstakingly beautiful, she stood,
Steps ahead, in all divine splendor.
Flocks of people, rushed over,
To bow, to please, to see- her.
And he stood away, far away,
Behind the luscious gold curtains,
Afraid, to be noticed, to be known.
Aching for her, yet ever so content,
With just a glimpse, he sighed.
Breath caught, he stood through,
Watching the stardust rain over her,
Sprinkled in the moonlight, astral.
And then, he felt the curtains vanish,
And he saw her looking up, at the sky.

Smiling at him, she stood, vulnerable,
And he twinkled, a star, from the sky...

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  1. dunno y i sense a deja vu feelin wen reading this.. thanks a lot, for bringing back d memories, be it factual or fictional.:-)




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