Tuesday, 4 December 2007

uNvEiL mE

Fluttering heart,
Inundated mounts,
Of desire,
Seeping in.

Soak in milky dreams,
Ever so white,
Leaving me dripping wet.

And then,
You hold my gaze,
In your eyes,
And I wait, an incessant wait.

Tears carved out,
Droplets of beauty,
You try to rain out of me.

Every time I wish to live,
Your dreams fade before daybreak,
As you draw the curtains.
And I see myself awake.

I stare, teary eyed,
From across the veil,

Belong to me.
Yet, I long to light you up,
Just once, in all love.

Unveil me, o' love,
Unveil me, in you.
Unveil me,
Just this once...


  1. "Molten,
    Tears carved out,
    Droplets of beauty,
    You try to rain out of me."

    I donno what to say.. the poem is filled with mixed emotions.. both positive and negative....
    I feel like jumping out of my skin, but at the same time I want to sit back and weep.. Maybe this is life...all things dont come in one good package.

  2. Droplets of beauty,
    You try to rain out of me

    --this expression is a master stroke and the last four lines are really romantic..successfully portryed the earnest craving for love!

    nice way to start my day!but I had to write the comment for the 2nd time.so not that good..hehe.

    keep scribbling

  3. Reminds me of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus...

    Men do not generally give themselves away completely to anyone like women... They find it difficult to do...

    Very romantic write... The longingness has come out beautifully :)

  4. Ive read ur poems, a lot of them... They are lovely. But this to me looks lik my lady love has written this[unfortunately we r not together anymore]. I mean.. the connection is almost scary i should admit.. Jus got lost in it and thnking .. U no what i think u really got a great talent for writing.. A lot of people can put words together and impress people.. i no such people[NO NO NO i dint mean my mom, she's a natural an absolute undisputed 1]but only a few can write their heart out, what they feel and fewer can do that as beautifully as u do. Just thought i shud tell u this..
    Good Luck and Godspeed




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