Sunday, 16 December 2007

An Eye's Cry...

Walking along the paths,
Traversed by the many,
I take this time,
To stop,
And let my thoughts,
Wander endlessly,
In all calm.

Today, as I look up,
At the bright green skies,
Clouds of pink,
All across,
In all its beauty;
I see them all.

The luscious red meadows,
And the blue of sprouts,
I bend down,
Taking up a pretty flower,
Brilliant hue of brown,
It shone, in all splendor,
Fragrant little flower.

The winds gushing through,
Strands of my purple hair,
Flowing, in the breeze,
And I feel so cool.
The calm of night,
Astral yellow hue setting in,
To dip into deep slumber.

Sifting through,
The mesh of my thoughts,
I regain my senses.
Wandering thoughts, a fantasy,
Of seeing the world,
In my own hues,
My own strokes of imagination wild.

Coloring the paintings unknown,
I walk on, amidst the masses,
A crowd ever oblivious,
To the blind cry of mine,
Ever insensate,
To an eye's cry,
My eye's cry.

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