Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Birth Shades

There are times when I feel beaten
Tired, and vacuous.
The world seem like a prison,
Caging me in.
Why? I have never asked.
For, I know-
There are no answers
To some of the simplest questions,
Of life.

Born of the wrong shade- ah! girl-
Mollycoddled and adored,
Educated and inspired
To win the world, attain the dreams,
Smile to eternity,
Spread joy,
And be all that you want to.
The false promises, of once,
Pricks me, today-
A pain searing, it forces its way
Through me.

You asked me to sketch my life,
In every way I like.
You gave me colours,
And taught me to mix hues,
To create that shade,
Of me.
And now, when I paint myself,
To reflect on the tinged mirrored space,
You ask me to step back,
And drape myself in a cloak
Of pitch black.

Why? I wonder out loud.
Answers none, you offer.
Norms, Society, Tradition-
You murmur incoherent strings of words.
And my voice gets caught,
In the turbulent tide of emotion,
That gurgles it way through my throat.
But, in vain.

Surreal, those yesterdays.
Charred, those dreams, you effused.
Fake, those glittery wings,
You taught to flutter.

Wish I'd understand,
If, this day of chaining my soul, it had to be-
Then, why, o' why
Did you fill me with those myriad colours,
In childhood?

Why those winged turquoise dreams,
When you knew all along,
My birth shade would pull me back,
And, someday, everything would turn sepia??

Answers, I no longer ask for.
All that remains, are questions galore.


  1. Holla!!!

    This is one that stings the soul... and speaks beautifully, poignantly of the girl child's silently screaming soul!

    I hope this will not be what those raavans do. :(

  2. yea, i hope for the same too :) Thank you mema for your kind words!!

  3. Riveting lines. As ma'am already noted, painfully beautiful.

    Kudos to u...

    Peace. Be well.


    I must thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your time and hope to see you again soon!

    Peace. Have a nice day.

  4. kartz, am glad to have you here!! thank you very :) Keep droppin by :)

  5. Do you have Keats blood in genes? Or even genetically? Or is it the exams- the whetstone?

    Then it is not all about birth shades. Its about the cosmic indulgence, the surroundings!
    Even a certain he drags on because his partner thought he could, they thought he would and he thought he should. No other logic could deny this over exaggerated simple lemma.

    Why? Because there are no certainties there are only opportunities.

    (An extract from one of my posts( The lazy me was reduced to copy paste thing being indulged in the feelings of your birth shade)

  6. *sigh*

    Colors that once filled us have to fade...

    IF black has to be the color you drape.. its upto you to fill it with others :)

    Cant have moma giving u the colors always no ?

  7. @Prabhu
    thanks so much for your words!! :)

    yea indeed, i know! :) thanks a bunch!!

  8. This one speaks.....and I'll let that be enough for now...

    Keep creating ...

    Blogrolled both of your blogs....both are so from the heart!:)




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