Thursday, 12 February 2009

Of Sharing :)

Not a dollop more of Love
I could bear to have.
Else it would leak and run out
Of my cup.
Overflowing, like an incessant spill
It would take away
With it,
The fondest of our memories.
And we'd be left,
With no fragrant yesterdays.

And no, I don't want it to be so.
I need all my yesterdays-
Some trails show footprints mine,
And some share yours.
And I can retrace all of those
At will,
And smile and weep,
Silent escapades, into us.

I tell you, its not always about us-
At times, its all about me
And at certain hours,
Every needle points at you.
It doesn't scare me. No, it doesn't.
I know-
Togetherness isn't a threat,
And eternity isn't sticking on.
And love isn't a measure
Of wanting, and more of wanting.

So I tell you, I need no filling,
For Love can never fill-
It is like the tide,
That washes over and recedes
And, yet, you know-
It'll be back,
Sooner or later.
There is no shore to Love,
It is an ocean,
Off nowhere
And of everywhere.

And so I need no more of your giving-
I need a little of sharing.
Could you?


  1. **I tell you, its not always about us-
    At times, its all about me

    How very true...

    Yes, any relationship - especially the one called love - is tainted pure. Tainted that liiitle bit of selfishness. And when when two such hearts learn to accept and share... Bliss.

    Loved it...


  2. @kartz
    u juz mentioned it in a nutshell :) lovely!! :)

  3. And Love is like the tide, that endlessly washes over you! Brilliant imagery and word play as always, Dear One :)

    Loved this too!

  4. *sigh sigh sigh* LOVE-ly! :)

  5. Wow!!!!

    This ones an eternal piece of love

    Absolutely brilliant and timeless

    Bravo :)

  6. wow...great work there..matching the flavour of the the same time its eternal too!

  7. Beautifully scripted..It just maps to perfection!
    Loved this sash!

  8. @ Usha mema
    thank you for those lovely words!! :)

    thanks so much :)

    glad! thanks a lot :)

    thank you so much! :)

    nice to c ya in here after a while (yea, am indeed complaining..hehe!!) thanks so much! :)

  9. of nowhere and of everywhere! so true!!




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