Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Thy Music...!

I'll be back...

Echoes, that pierce
And heal-
Thy Music...!

Nameless, it wades in
Like a tadpole
Shunted of its metamorphosis,
Where the purpose of its being
Is lost to droplets,
Of boiling pain
Entrapped in translucent voids.

Ageless, it blows on,
Leaving behind the leafless pine
On an Autumn dawn.
Vacuous, it bleeds
Of empty woes.
And the yellowing leaves
They frame a lonesome tale.

Aimless, it wanders on a trail of its own
In hope of discovering the you,
That lay obscured,
Caught up in a tuft of cotton
That floats.
That beacon of hope flickers,
Before dying out, like always.

Careless, I toss you away,
In a whirlpool of impotent desires.
In the wake of dawn,
I search you out,
From the hidden depths of my sleep.
And I find the forlorn heart,
That sings out to me, from the horizon-

I'll be back...

Ah! Echoes, that pierce
And heal-
Thy Music...!


  1. The pictures you draw out are so wondering and wonderful! Stark, sombre at times, heart-rending, but always that, which tug at the heart strings!

    And the fluency of thought, of language is superlative!!!

    As always:) :)

  2. U r words r so genuine..! tht makes them so beautiful.. good work!

  3. ya indeed...itz juz so hard winnie :)




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