Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Sweet Laments

The withered carnations adorned my heart
With a scent of love, lost.
I cradled the dainty delight of a blush
For ages, knowing it is lost,
For once, and forever.

I wish I had stooped a li'll low
And picked those fallen petals up.
But now, all that remain
Are wishes bygone,
And regrets, that bleed fresh.

Perched on the window sill,
A li'll robin sang to me aloud.
My smile faltered as I listened ,entralled.
Mocking bird, are you? I wondered
For, you left me with a half done song.

Broken dreams,
I have come to live with.
And now, dear robin, you have offered me
The lustful longing to hear
Your song to the full, just for once.

Ah! Ironical, my wishes.
For, you are a mere addition to my collection
Of lost dreams and frostbitten joys.
Tucked away beneath the withered petals,
I find you a place in my snow-laden soul
Where you bury the symphony-
Half done.

I wonder, would you ever sing to me again?




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