Monday, 19 January 2009

The blue berry song

Verbose, my emotions maul
At each other. A cat fight.
A bright Summer morning
And I take a lonely stroll,
Weighing myself
In my head.
Doing and re-doing,
Spelling and erasing,
I wipe clean my mind,
Once again.

The blue berries wild, I pick
On the way back home
And I remember the baking lesson
That turned wild.
Off the sudden, I nauseate
In the memory of You, painful.
And that guilt,
Of wanting to forget,
Creeps in, once again.

I empty my basket, leaving a trail
Of berries. I implore my thoughts
To merge in with me.
Feeling the load lighten,
I tell myself I am over it;
That, I no longer carry the burden
Of those blue berries,
Or You.

Reaching home, I gulp down
A glass of water.
And I pen down a song-
The blue berry song,
Once again.
And I sign off with a note,
That I'd never go walking by those woods.
Not again.

With a faraway gaze,
I hum the song all to myself.
And I notice not,
The page had turned,
The ink had been of a different hue then,
And the scribble had your strokes of love, wet.
It has always been the blue berry song
For You, and, thus me.

But today, I sing it aloud,
An obituary note
For You, for me.
For Us.


  1. Too good. Couldn't find a single note to quote.

    God bless!

  2. ??

    The last stanza was a killer alright!

    Great poetry!




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