Friday, 3 October 2008

The roofing that leaked...! (1)

We sat huddled,
Trying to ease off the cold,
Avoiding the dribbling water droplets-
The remnants of a waterlogged fire
Still smoked its way
Into our senses,

The agony of a tiff
Fumed in silent reverence,
In our eyes.
And the unsolicited visitor-
The raging storm,
Uprooted the essence
Of anger, in a jiffy.

I felt your leg hook under my knees,
And I felt your arms
Tuck me under, safe.
I could savour your heartbeat
And count your stubble,
And my heart leapt across,
Did you feel it too?

I looked up at you,
Re-doing the furious words
We hurled at each other,
And the misery we self-inflicted thus.
Amidst the growing resentfulness
I tried to retrace the lovely colors
Of the palette- us.

I felt your heart skip a beat-
Wonder if you heard my thoughts?
A crimson hint dawned at my cheeks,
For being so explicitly outspoken
With my emotions-
And once again, I held my chin down,
Feeling your grip tighten.

The chattering cold seems to have left us,
And I felt the droplets that leaked in
From across our roofing, find a halt.
Yet, You never did move.
Nor did I.
Our gaze merged, and moved-
To find that leak at the roofing,
And we smiled,
At the last droplet that dribbled,
Into us.


  1. MMM.... and mmmmmmmm... again :) This one is a favourite!!!!




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