Thursday, 16 October 2008

Walking on

The feeling, of hanging in-

Voices from across
The veiled infinity
And seep,
Through me.

The aura of a dim light
I can make out-
It could be the LCD smile
Shed by the contraptions, all around
It could be the candled prayer
Of my world.

The pain subsides, slow
And the veins deepen to wild crimson.
The bourne, has finally flamed.
Or is it, the bleeding vomit
Of terminal innocence?

The lips feel parched
And the thirst lynches at the throat.
The breath halts, and rises again-
A part never gives up,
And a part no longer does breathe.

And all this thrashing about
Rouses a havoc,
And several beeps echo, allover.
The solitude is at dearth,
Even here-
I surmise.

And then, the heart decides to close down,
It's had its fill, all way through.
And so, a moment to say the final note
To the trampede, so called life-


Transient, that feeling
It slithered down from me-
Unto what remained of me,
As I walked on,
Across the silken veil.

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