Saturday, 4 October 2008


Oft trodden paths of eons ago
Burn my sole today.

The tiny stars always did twinkle
unto me, as you rightly said.
The crimson sunset does add to my blush,
Once again,
As you told me it would.

But time hasn't yet healed that wound raw.
Despite the clever try at disguise,
It pries itself open,
Time and time again.
You never did expect so, did you?

I still remember how your eyes forged a lie
That no matter what, time would heal my wound
And I'd learn to love again,
And live again.
Yes, the wound is no longer visible,
layers of epidermis has disguised it deep-
Yet, you can trace a faint outline, of a scar
That opens up, over and over again.

I did learn to love. Yes, I did-
Yet, the bitterness of losing you, and that ache
It hold me back, from truly letting go,
And giving myself out.
And I do live, beautifully so.
Even today, I can't hold back my resentfulness
You can feel it, nay?

I know it never was your choice,
And nothing could alter the will-
And I know, it hurt you to see me ache,
And the bitterness never showed
I wonder how you did manage
To know-
Time was running out, and no matter what,
There was nothing we could do about it.

Memories of yesterdays,
Bloom and wilt in me-
Yet, the fragrance never dies,
Nor would the blissful feeling
Of living, and loving-
You and me.

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