Friday, 3 October 2008

The roofing that leaked...! (2)

The aged roofing began to leak.
Of the luscious rain
The heat of the moment forgotten,
We watched,
The dripping raindrops
Touch our skin.

The tiff half undone,
We scurried to that corner
Where the polythene sheet still hung
Saving our skins.
Huddled close,
The bitterness still pronounced,
We sat-
I could feel your breath
On my neck
Burning a trail,

Deep down, I longed for your arms
To hold me close. The water rose,
Drenching my ankles.
The fuming words hurled at each other,
Moments ago,
Lynched at my soul.
I peeked a glimpse at you,
From across the corner of my eyes.
I found your eyes intent,
In concentration deep knit,
Focused at a point-
That so very much seemed like my feet.

Cramped up in the dingy corner,
My limbs ached, uncomfortable.
I tried to re-shift my posture,
Without even grazing you,
But, failing miserably.
The silence of the moment grew as an ache
And slip into a dainty daydream,
I did.

As the rain gave up her fury,
I found the weight shift-
And as I looked down,
I found your favorite shirt,
Cloaked at my feet.
And you walked over,
Bare chested-
To seal the leak, forever.
But, I never did let you-
At that very moment,
I fell in love with the leaking roofing.
(And with you, all over again.)

1 comment:

  1. Mmmmm... Really Romantic!! Especially when all of it happens after a tiff, and its raining.. lol!!

    Verrrrry nice!




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