Monday, 13 October 2008

Lettering the Love

The last letter you sent me
Spread the aroma of sandal, fresh.
But the words were cluttered,
And I sat, taking in the essence
Of you, all over again.

My eyes sifted
Through the incoherent lettering
Pausing at every note,
Smiling after every alphabet, I grasped.
And swearing at the many
That appeared to me as unknown,
Undiscovered, yet.

Obsessed with your ink,
I drank in the unread,
And maybe, even the unsaid.

I found the many uncrossed T's
So typically yours,
And the tiny hearts that you doodle,
All over your I's.
And I remembered the way you curve your Q's
Saying it resembles my lips
When I pout.

Sigh! Who'd have ever known
One day as such, would come calling
When I'd spent hours
Tracing and retracing your words, your feel-
Discovering the mundane nuances
Of yours-
To find myself
Fall in love, with you
All over again.

Obsessed, maybe even a bit nutty.
Yet, the feel of loving even your T's and I's
Makes me realize-
There's no inch of you and yours
That hasn't left a mark on me.
Marked for life, I am
In your love.

Ah! Doodled a heart on the I, I did-
And it feels just so right!

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