Thursday, 7 August 2008

Forever, Us.

The last time we sat
Hand in hand,
Slipping into each other
The silence of that moment
Spoke volumes
Delving deep into us-
Layers of waterlogged dreams
Peeled away.

Leaning onto your shoulder,
I sat-
Savoring your heartbeat
One more time.
As life splurged through you,
I felt alive,
All over again.

You hurled a pebble into the water-
The ripples shook me awake
From my reverie, pensive.
I looked up
And found not you, not me-
But just,

Together, we weave not dreams-
We build life,
From you and me,
To us, and ours.

And as I let go of your hand,
I know-
Its for us.
And I know, your hands will always reach for mine-
If not now,
Another day-
It is just a matter of time.

And I know-
We'll survive,
For each other's sake-
If not for ourselves.

Ain't this Love, my Dear??


  1. It surely is love my dear...

  2. Each read gets better and better.

    In love with this poem too!!! Very you Sash... from Dream to REality.. to the sustenance for each other! LOVELY!!!!




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