Saturday, 30 August 2008

The Sepia Tones of Fear


The eyes blinked,
A state of frantic frenzied shock.
As the frame captured me,
I tried to take in a gulp of air.
As my eyes pried itself open -
The panic grew sharp,
Once again.


I turned round,
My eyes straying-
Urging itself to search out,
The source-
Of deep-rooted anxiety
That lay bared open
The photograph stained,
I held in my hands.
Observing the reflections
Of a maimed fearsome past,
I wondered-

Does the ghost of yesterdays
Love you, today?
Does the love of today
Wipe off the ghosts of yesterdays?)
I crushed the photograph,
Killing the sepia tones of fear.
Proud, I walked into today's still-
And I felt my heart skip a beat,
And a chill creep through me-

And, I lived it, once again-
The sepia tones of fear.
(Dormant, it remained in me,
Yet, never erased.
Never Ever.)

1 comment:

  1. Gooseflesh of fear... and the ripples of the unnamed unknown that shatter stillness and calm within... carried around for ever...

    Fears once acquired sometimes never leave, no matter what is done! Gorgeous choice of words.. and the poetry that flows, so intimately, from them..!




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