Monday, 6 April 2009


O' song bird of mine
Sing me a nascent tune today.
Let me dance and swirl along
Like a wisp of the hanging orb
Dripping into you.

In the dainty desert solitude
I sculpt a dream dune
Of passion, buried.
In the heat of the moment,
I scoop a handful of sand
So gleaming gold.

As the loneliness screeches
A shrill note,
I block my ears, lest I rupture
My eardrums, and remain deaf
To your symphony.

O' song bird of mine
I hear your muted sonnets
As I awaken myself to your melody
I find the sand slipping away,
And I hear nothin, no more.

I wonder,
Would you sing to me,
Once again?


  1. Send me your song-bird... Oh wait, I am already reading one.

    Soothing. Melancholic. Beautiful.

    Keep writing. Spread the voice.

    Peace. Have a nice day.

  2. It will sing!

    A lovely poem :)

  3. i fry and eat birds..

    lovely song bird.. inspires you and inspires the readers too..

    check my page.. i warn you to be careful with your belongings when you read my page.. you shouldnt end up complaining..

  4. @ shal
    thanks so much :)


    thanks for droppin by :)




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