Friday, 3 April 2009

My Futile Tune...!

I shall whisper to the winds
All about those times
When I longingly waited for you.
Day after day, I waited
Whispering a futile tune.
(You never came,
But, matter not, it does- now.)

I shall rinse the rains with my soul
As I often did.
The rain always did taste salty,
Or was it just me?
The tears never welled
Nor did it pour out from my heart.
(You never understood,
Not that it matters- now.)

The mahagony tree shall grow old
Ebbing the weakened pulse
Of mine.
I wish I knew the tree song
To sing out loud
To you- a lullaby soft.
(You never listened,
And, nothing matters- now.)

I often stay back after dusk,
Under the shade,
And I whisper to the winds,
The lullaby soft-
But, you never would know.
Not even when you feel my tears
Fall upon your skin;
You fathom it to be the lissome rains,
Don't you?
(Not that it matters- now.)

But still, I wish...!


  1. The ooh's and ah's of human emotions... Beautiful.

    Peace. Have a nice day.

  2. Ah.. and if only wishes were horses isnt it ?

  3. Futile Tune?

    Rain-Taste-Bad Times? Maybe Rains are just a masking for tears?

    He would know- He is the reason! All of the reasons! The song, the heart ways all of it shall find its place!

    Let the reader wake up and the poem shall renew to be charming :)

  4. Check this sometime :)

    Rain provides way of anguish, way more than often :)

  5. Sash.. the structure, I just noticed it, is so neatly done... and comes as a sort of backlash, as if there wasnt enough to hit one otherwise :)

    Great poem, as always :)

  6. @ usha mema
    u alwz hv the best f words :)




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