Sunday, 29 March 2009

O Chrysalis...!

O Chrysalis, never taint your wingless dreams,yet.
Never laugh out aloud before your voice finds base
And never haste to bloom forth, to be born infirm.

Life could often take away, all that worth of you
And often, most often, you'd gain more than the loss.
Yet, in all uncertainty, I ask-
Why, ache for the phocomelic desires,
Thwarted much before it sprouted wings?
Or, were it antlers?

Oh, mysterious perils and lopsided faith,
Why do I smile, always?

Ah! Tampered Warnings!

O Chrysalis, never drop your veil, out into the open.
Never shed your pupal scars, lest it wipe off your existence,
And no longer hide, when it is already too late.

Life may play peek-a-boo, yet camouflage not.
And do not ever drape the skin of exoticism,
Lest the goodwill hunt turn sour,
And I find you nectar less, shriveled?
Or should I exaggerate
And cry murder, foul?

Oh, defile thoughts and tarnished scruples,
Why do you make me twinge, always?

Ah! Unadulterated Guilt.


  1. Ah!, this one is yet another brilliance from you-
    Awesome, infact this is more than just awesome!

  2. @ bharath
    thank you very much :) nice to see you here!

    @ rukhiya
    am honoured! thank you! :)

  3. Whoosh!!! Awed, yet again :)

  4. Phew! this was deeep and digs hidden emotions
    Too gud :)

  5. Beautiful. As always. Period. :)


  6. @ shal
    thanks a bunch dear :)

    @ kartz
    thank you!!

  7. This one knocks the breath out!

    How do you manage to squeeze so much out of words ?

    I shall always wonder I know :)




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