Saturday, 14 March 2009

Song of Sweet Vengeance

Washed ashore, I am.

The lathered salty foam
Drapes my soul
Rugged and weary.
I breathe,
Pulling in gulps of air
From your punctured lungs
So full of Mockery.
And I rest
On your sands
Of Faithless Beginnings.

I hurt, and I lament.
For, I gave myself up
In faith, In Love-
To be drugged,
And tossed out of life
On a raft less ride
Across the seven seas.

And I can hear the blood
Course through me
And I can feel the Beginning
Of an End.
And I laugh out-

Don't you hear O' Dear,
The Song of Sweet Vengeance?

Washed ashore, I am.


  1. Emotive. A third person recital, I hope... An update from you at long last. Trust all is well..


    Was away for a while. Back! :)

  2. Oh the agony in this.. the breathless, wordless haunting pain!


    And yayyyy! the word verification thingy is gone :)




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