Sunday, 22 March 2009


Mirrored pain, dribbled unto you, nay?
From those closed crystal eyes,
Where you hold an expanse
Of unshelterled ache,
Across the ridge of your hook nose
Down to your parched lips,
Chapped and lifeless,
And finally dripping out
Unto my soul,
Cloaked, in a feathery quilt
Of pretenses.

The westerward winds blew hard,
And I clutched at my knight armour
Beneath which, I held safe
Your aching love.
The pins pricked at me,
And I felt the fluid ooze
Out of my windpipe,
Your eyes shut, I never tried to pry open
For, I do not want
A cascade of lavacious heat.

Drop down the cloak,
Or shed the layers-
I try not.
The bare soul might just kill
For, hollow it becomes,
In the absence of the ache
That fills, in sheer love.
If those pins could ease their way out
My love would flow out, draining me
And I'd bleed
In the dearth of fresh pain.
I need your ache,
I sustain in its shadow.

Some habits never die.
And when they do, they kill, nay?


  1. It's the third in the few moments I have been here that I have read, that has pain oozing out...

    And how the pain, heals, tells a story, in gasps, in yearning... and makes one just sink under it!

    Brilliant poem!

  2. One word - brilliant! Take a bow!


    Back from another hiatus. :) Trust things are fine at ur end.

    See you around!

  3. Brilliant as usual..
    scattered with imageries reflecting deep,very deep pain..
    but life flows between these ridges,between the those "I" shaped valleys created by wounds and heals...

  4. I loved this one of yours! Absolutely brilliant word pictures.....The ending, what a line!

  5. I am always left with a feeling of being completed with your words.. I so feel that your words so very picture the poems I try to write :)

    For example try this poem:-

    It just left me with imagery and silhouettes of dreams.. Or is it just me?

    If the world decides to eke out another kingdom allowing people with words as its citizens you (Usha Ma'am) would be in the kingdom's court :)




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