Sunday, 13 June 2010

Who do I choose to be - Radha or Meera?

Who does the earth
Find me to be;
Sown inside the person
I am-
Chaste Meera or
His Radha?

The world sang of
Radha Kishen,
And I basked in the glory
Of the love
That never had any tint
Of a blemish
But beneath the powdered
Dreams, I knew,
Radha bled.
Her soul belonged to him,
But wife-
She adorned another's
Title to herself.

Meera, most often
Was forgotten.
Her music spoke of
Viscous, it poured out
Leaving one
Hollow, deep.
Forever unrequitted,
Her love remained.
Like those empty words
Of mine,
You never tried to-
Let be.

Radha or Meera? I had to
I wondered why,
And I wondered why not.
I could be Meera for
Him. But his Radha, I could
For, the choice
Never was mine.
It had already been made.
Always been made


  1. IF the choice has been made, we are yet to see it. Let the future unfold?

  2. Don't miss this:

  3. Oh my! Moved beyond words! Because the choice as you say sometimes, is never ours to make!

  4. @ Prabhu : Yes, indeed :)

    @ Anonymous : Thank you very much!

    @ Usha ma'm : Thanks so much :)

  5. after may be 21 years of my lyf...i found radha n meera interesting to read... real nic post...

    p.s 21 is my age..




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