Wednesday, 9 June 2010 bites

What is it in love
That can neither let be,
Nor let go?

Why is it that my tears
Never fail to lather
At your feet
And yet, the ache
Mellows with a word
Or a touch, faint.
In the moment after the next,
The smile breaks
And the heart rests
In a placid silence.
Yet, I know,
The ache would resurface
Painting itself a new hue.
And even in the joy
Of the night's passion,
Or the warmth of the embrace
Of your repentance,
It longs for the pain.

My masochist soul
Longs to bleed, to thrive
Off your anger, your hate-
For without this pain,
My love is commonplace;
And I am just another somebody.
Or should I say,
Just another nobody?


  1. wow,, really that was so satisfying.. i dont know how i have survived the last few years without reading poetry..thank you.

  2. Beautiful! You capture true love there, for what is love if love is just joy? The pain one nurtures selfishly sometimes, is what finally makes love worthwhile... :)

    Makes one worthwhile really :) :)

  3. @ Hirak : Thank you! Glad that you are here after so long! Made my day, totally! Thank you! :)

    @ Usha ma'm : Glad to receive your comments! Thank you :)




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