Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Her eyes held a gleaming pearl.
Safe, in the curls of her long lashes,
It remained.
He watched, the coal black embers
Moisten, with the shining fluid pain
He offered,
In token of her affection.
And he feared the weight, forcing
To dribble, across her cheeks
Tracing down a trail,
Of his own doing.

He came down on his knees,
Held her chin up
And smoothed her tendrils
Of gold,
Away from her diamond face.
Gently, ever so gently,
He cupped his palm, so close,
To her eyes-
And lo! Dripped in,
The pearl.

And as she looked up, she found a pearl,
In his eyes too.

Ah! Reflections!


  1. Gorgeous! Simply simply simply gorgeous!

    LOVED THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sashu,
    Shows a bit of rush in writing. Could have been better. Great concept though.


  3. I shall always recollect my reactions after reading your Reflections! Some writes make you re-read and re-read the thing, this one for sure had everything!

    Let the precious pearls be enclaved in genuine reflection of warm tears!

  4. @ usha mema!!!!
    thank youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! juz made mah day!! :)

  5. @ abhijit
    yea, wuz a quickie!! thanks a bunch...! i'l definitely look into it :)

  6. @ prabhu
    i couldn't hv asked for more!! glad! glad! glad! thank you! :)

  7. Just like pearls, this write glitters and shines under the reflection of originality and purity of love and what only love can achieve.

    Ah! Poetry Sashz. Your strengths are vulnerabilities to readers. :)

  8. @ soumya
    u hv a way wi words, n ur commentz r no different! thank you so much!

  9. Sashu, I liked this one a lot! Came here from Usha's Blog. I wonder if you remember... Giggly from Ah poetry? Got my own blog, and would love for u to drop in too!
    The picture here is so lovely!




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