Friday, 28 November 2008


I walked over a heap of bodies
Tucked away.
I felt the blood clots dissolve
As it rained, again.
I turned back,
To count the corpses many-
The fresh fragrance of gun powder
Made me lose count,
And I started all over again.

My eyes strayed to a piece of metal,
Trapped beneath the pile,
A loaded magazine, I cried!
Sneaked it out, and pressed it safe
Into my jacket new.
A prized piece, for my collection.

I walked over a heap of bodies,
Newly piled up.
I swooped in before others,
And found a finger hanging loose,
As though waiting to be taken away.
I acceded,
And walked away
With a piece of someone.

I heard the journalists cry over exclusive rights,
And I heard the cries of anguish too,
But distinguish one from the other,
I could not.
My eyes searched out disaster
And I never had to be disappointed.

As night began to dawn,
I walked back home,
With my prized new possessions-

Waterlogged bombs.
Loaded magazine.
Guns and rifles, empty.
Pieces of flesh, once alive.
Ear shattering cries.
Memories of someone's fear.
Orphaned humanity.
Snippets of bravery.

And as I went to bed,
I searched for my soul,
And found it missing.

I rummaged through my souvenirs anew,
But, in vain.
And, I ran out into the open
Searching for my soul,


  1. Ah! The way you weave magic with your words, takes you to that place! Beautiful words flowing out from your pen! A very intense and graphic piece, I got goosebumps girl. Bravo! :)

  2. each word spoke a lot..
    and hit right at the heart..
    one of the best from u..

    only sad thing is its about such a depressing episode:(

  3. So poignant Sashu - you're brilliant!


  4. Fantastic. And, as Tara says.. Goosebumps!

  5. @ Tara
    even though ur words make me glad, i am sad that the compliments came in for such a tragic piece.thank you :)

    @ praveen
    i couldnt hv agreed more about this bein on a depressin episode, it mars me frm appreciatin the beauty of the comments i receive. thanks!

    @ Cornine
    thank you!

    @Usha mema
    thank you!

  6. Hi Sashu - Thanks for your comment - have taken the liberty of adding it to my main post.
    Take care.

  7. Wonderful lines even though the occassion was a sad one!

    Simple fabulous!

  8. @corinne
    thanks so much!! :)

    @ rakesh
    thanks a lot :)

  9. poetry comes naturally to you literally play with those words and arrange in those seemingly perfect lines...and i really liked the way you finished this piece...speaks volumes of the kinda command you have...cheers gal...keep scribbling...

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  11. haunting images.. great work

  12. stark and haunting images...chilling read,brilliant! as usual

  13. @ Sandeep
    thanks so much :) such appreciation makes me feel humbled! thanks!

    thank you :)

    thanks very much! nice to c ya here :)

    thank you very much!! :)

  14. This is truly off the block and really one of the very differently appealing works from you.

    God bless!




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