Friday, 25 July 2008

December Chills

The night never slept.
It sat, unblinking, in watch-
As the chilled winds blew
All over,
Hurling the warmth of love out-
A toss.

On the earthen floor damp,
With no traces of comfort inviting,
She sat-
Shivers ran through her body-

He held her in his arms,
Pouring in his body heat-
Blissful warmth,
Shared in the ultimate throes-
Of naked intimacy.

The fire never woke up-
The December chills never left them alone.
And as the night slept away,
They made love-
A frenzied coupling,
For life-
For sustenance.

As the morn spread her shine-
She bid him a silent goodbye,
And walked away-
To find her kin.

A moment near to death, salvaged,
And the next, she set out-
To find life.
And he slept on-

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