Thursday, 17 July 2008

On a Drive...

A long drive down the south-
The gentle breeze cooed a melody,
Calming my frayed nerves
And aching limbs,
A countryside symphony flowed in,
From across the distance.

The sun drops teased and taunted,
Disarming me.
Pulled over the car, out in the open,
I walked out, right there-
Sprawled on the lush green stretch-
Pampering my senses,
Blossoms of rosy memories- Savoured.

Drove on, revitalized, a lonely ride.
This time, taking all my time,
To stop, and live each budding freshness
Preserving the beautiful todays
As fond yesterdays.

The white fence and yellow Carnations
Adorned a pretty cottage, on my way.
A quick stop, and I looked out-
The brick walls and wooden window frames
They held a dream within-
A soulful hymn, I did hear.

I lived the smiles often sprinkled
All over,
And the drops of tears shared,
Across time-
And held the feeling of home
In me-
Sustenance of a wild emotion Deepened in me,
And drove on, I did.

Leaving a petal mark across the distance traveled-
Impressions of today etching into
Fine lines of yesterdays.

Ah! Fragrant, the todays!

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