Monday, 21 July 2008

Sunday Date :)

Doesn't matter, how you look-
Just hurry. We'll miss the show.

I yell-
Loud and clear.
(In vain)

My temper rises, boiling fumes-
And I wait, incessantly
(For what seems ages)
And then, she comes out,
How do I look? Should I change?

My eyes pop out,
The phobia of another wait, cumbersome.
And I scream Nooooo... you look fine
Pleased, she gives in.

Come along, come along,
I don't wanna miss the show
She mutters, in a tone
Unmistakably patronizing.
I smile through clenched teeth,
Exasperated a sigh,
I let out.

Hey listen, I'll just park the car
And be back, right away.
Do not move-
I say, do not move.
(unlike the last time,
Please do obey. sigh!)

Held her wrists tight,
And walked in-
The movie had begun.

Can I get to have another pack of popcorn?
She turns to me, pleading.
You are impossible
I mutter, on my way out.
Back with popcorn, I nudge her-
A snatch, and not even a word.
God! How do I even tolerate this female?
I wonder out loud.

I hear a sob, every now,
And then-
Turning to look at her-
I see the tears that flow down.
Hilarious, I felt the scene-
A tear-jerking you!

A drive back home-
And I control the urge to laugh.
How was the movie?
I ask, ever innocent.
Ah! Not too good, emotionally insensitive-
The portrayal

She quips.

Uh-oh, not again! I saw you heaving
And wailing-
And you tell me
You never felt a thing? Impossible.

Mind your age, young lady!!! Am your grandma-
She turns to me, authoritative.
And I tried hard to hold back my snort,
And managed to smile.

Impossible, You are , Dear Granny
I murmur,
As I kiss her goodnight.

And as an after-thought, I add-
I love you,
And our Sunday Dates.
Goodnight, Dear Granny!!
(Waiting for the next weekend.)

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