Friday, 25 July 2008

Why does it feel like yesterday?

Why does it feel like yesterday,
Even today,
When life has changed its pace
And I have changed direction?
Why does it feel so right,
When I come across you-
No retractable words of yesterdays,
No gullible memories shared-
Yet, I feel you-
In every nod, every sigh.
My heart skips a bit,
Even today.

Time has guided my every step,
The melancholy hymns, I let go.
Life called for me,
And I let go, of all-
And gave in myself,
To destiny's toss.

Barely, had I learnt to trace my steps,
Once again-
Right from the start,
When you came in,
Fresh as a breeze-
And knocked me off-
Just as ever.
Not a moment of silence,
No awkwardness-
Just emotions gushing forth,
That we strain to hide
And suppress-
I realize that loss,
All over again.

We bid farewell-
So long.
And I wonder,
Why does it feel like yesterday?


  1. Sashu..
    For all that incessant flow of poetic energy..
    For all that innocence of not knowing one's own unique gift..
    For all the joys your words generate..
    There is something special for you..
    do visit my blog
    Wishing you all happiness..

  2. Sashu..
    did you visit my blog
    something special waits you there..
    i hope you will accept it..

  3. Just want to say this orchestration is mysteriously enchanting and remarkably wonderful, at least for me :)




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