Sunday, 16 March 2008

After all...


I wished to scream out loud,
To let you know-

Am tired of this fuss.

Why do we have to fight,
All day long,

And every single night?
Oh! Why?

I wish we'd stop this charade,

The sleepless nights,
And tear streaked days-
I just can't go no more.

Those days, of being together,

The sense of belonging,
The passion and the love?

Every new tantrum,

Every little row,
And we end up-
Miles apart.


It grows,
Thriving on our fray,
Deriving strength,
From our hurt.

And I fear,

One day, the pain would cease,
The hurt would subside,
And we'd be poles apart.

Looking over,
At your silhouette,
I realize I can't let you go.

I need you.

And however you be,
How much ever you yell,
Whatever you do, and say -

I know, its just a matter of time,
I know, you'll come around.

It's just you,
After all!


  1. Its just the yearning for the beloved and then realisation that he would be back,a self-assurance ..the whole of it is so sensitively portrayed ,one can not but feel for it.

    That is what is needed from a poetry isn't it ?

    the 'soul' objective

  2. Well Soumya has said it all...:)

    And for me, this is real, very very real; gives me goosebumps, reading it again. There is a certainty in love that you find nowhere else, whether you are accepted or not! And it is the certainty you give yourself, at time like this, that secured the bond, even more closely.

    I love the way you have expressed this, Sashu..A very mature write!!




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