Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Oh, would you?

Let me ask you tonight,

Would you smile,
Just this once,
Deep from your heart,
Your very smile-


The blossom of buds,
Its reddish hue, spreading in.

The gentle snowy clouds,
Flocking along like golden fleece.

The chirping ballads of birds,
Cooing in coy, joyous notes.

The velvety darkness stark,
With sprinklers of stars adorned.

The pink fluffy baby skin,
Ever so soft, tender and dear.

The sunset beauty, warming on,
Its golden red hue, astral.

The pristine dew drop, glowing
On the green leaflets, lit by sun drops.

The music of the waves, lashing on,
Across the sands of time, eternal.

The wind chimes of life, tinkles,
In every breath, every breeze, ever.

Your smile-
It fills me up,
With all joys of a lifetime.

Dear one,
Why are you so silent tonight,
When the whole sliver of my eternal desire,
Hangs on the thread of your mere existence?

Oh, tell me,
Would you not smile, just this once,
In all abandon, in all purity, in all love?

Oh, would you not, brighten up my life,
And clear away all the darkness, ever, forever?

Oh, would you?


  1. ooooooooooooh dat must be one killer smile :D!!!

    lovely and so romantic ...

  2. wowie.. liked this one immensely..

    these lines stun me.. given interests in 'space' things is that any surprise..

    The velvety darkness stark,
    With sprinklers of stars adorned.





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