Sunday, 23 March 2008

Raining Proposal...


Ah! Finally,
I have you here.

At my doorsteps,
With a bouquet,
Of roses red.
Violins playing,
In the background,
The peals of love,
Singing into me,
A soulful symphony.

On your knees,
You ease yourself,
Smiling, into me.
Heart hammering,
Against myself, so hard;
I stood, waiting-
And you held my hand,
A quick peck, soft.

My eyes gave it away-
The eagerness,
I could not hold back.
Propped on your knees,
My hand held so safe,
You asked me,
The question of a lifetime-
Would you be mine?

Smiling through tears,
I answered in glee-
oh, yes.

Things never happen as in a dream,
Life never is a fairytale lived,
And, nothing ever happens the way,
It always does, in movies galore!


You did come,
Soaking wet,
Drenched in the rains,
A sheepish grin,
Adorning your face-
Adding the charm,
That soaks me in, every time,
Over and over again.

Tossing the ball at me,
You stood- a challenge.
I sure am game,
I quip-
Washed in the rains,
We play a lonely game,
A football match,
In the storming rains.

The atmosphere eclectic,
The feelings ever so true,
Smiles and frowns,
Fouls and goals,
The zeal shining in our eyes,
The swearing and bitching-
All part of the game-
Indeed, a match made in heaven!

The rain lashed on,
The time eased on-
And, you did win, after all.
Smiling wide, you come up to me,
Teasing and taunting.
Making faces, I stood, fuming.
Tossing the ball at me-
Marry me, loser, will you?
You popped the question.

The ball, I never caught.
The question ringing in my ears-
I stood, drenched, in your love.

Picking the ball, all smiles-
I toss it back, at you, teasing.
I never had to give you the answer-
You always knew.
Lets have one more game,
You shout.

I gave in-
The raindrops running all over me.

You came over,
Held me dripping wet-
Will you?
Magnetizing a gaze,
Breath ever so racy-

Yes I quipped,
Provided, you let me win-
I teased, kicking the ball hard.

The game never went to completion-
As the rains lashed on, and on...


  1. Lovely!!!!!!!! Simply stunning piece of work!! Clap clap clap !!!!

  2. encore...a very lively poem..i can feel the raindrops on my face, and the slush at my feet as i stood watchin both of u play..:)




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