Thursday, 20 March 2008

The stench

Nooks and corners,
Winding ways, galore.

I walk on.

The path turned creepy,
The windings steep,
And my hands groped,
For support.

Slimy, I felt myself slip.

I walk on.

The darkness crept in.
The crepuscular charm,
No longer appealed,
To my senses.

The journey held no flambeau,
To lead my way forth. It never did.

I walk on.

And, then I felt so near,
My heart jackhammered at me,
And I sat down,
Cross legged.

A frantic search, my hands did.

And then- I felt, her.

I wanted to-
Touch her soft,
My hands feeling her.
But, I couldn't.

Withered, she lay.

Deceased, putrefying,
Inconceivable distortion.
I could hold myself steady, no more.

And, I walked on,
Oblivious to her fragrance,
Of once-

For, my senses knew-
Just her putrefying odour-
The stench.

I wish, I could let you know-
I did love you,

But, now -
All that fills me today-

The stench.

And, I walk on...

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