Saturday, 8 March 2008


The little rain drops,
That gently befell,
All over me-

I tried to hold them in,
Captured in my palm.

Leaking away,
The droplets fell,
All the way down-

Along my feet,
And the earth soaked it in.

Softened mud,
It pulled me in,
And pooled in, I stood-

How could the few droplets,
Shake my grounds, ruin my faith?

The rain lashed on,
No fury, no rage,
Yet, a constant pace-

And I stood, knee deep,
Soaked in the dampen soil.

Arms open,
The rain cleansing me off,
I waited, for the sun drops-

To rinse me off, warm my soul,
And wait for the solid mud to crack-

To let me free,
To let my anchor not waver,
To have my feet firm, on the ground...


  1. I loved the contrariness in here! Amazing!

    How could the few droplets,
    Shake my grounds, ruin my faith?

    It's lines like these that simply take it away to a place beyond thoughts! REally moved by this poem!

  2. Quite a lot conveyed through the write :)

  3. everyhtng so simple n nicely put, as always...n still havin ur feet firmly on ground.. grt read that was. thanks.

  4. This one cud be felt so well not just read !!

    real good :)

  5. ahhh...wonderful poetry strong yet so tender..

    keep writing.




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