Monday, 17 March 2008

Darn, I lost my guy!

"Darn! Am just too late",
I realize in a pang.
Out of my bed,
Shrieking loud,
I run to the bathroom.

Damn! Damn! Damn!
My little brother,
Well comfy in there.

"Hey jerk, get the hell out,
Am already late"

"Oh yeah, sis,
Learn to be in time,
Or else,
Just wait for your turn"

"Holy crap... "
I mutter in disgust.
Tooth brush in hand,
I move to the wash,
Two seconds of brushing,
And then a quick rinse.
"Am done."

Off to the bath, finally,
I give him a pound,
A good knock at his ribs.

"Now on, I hope,
You'd shut the hell up"
I yelled.

Showering abuses,
He walked away.

A quick shower,
And then the hunt for my dress.
The white brilliant silk,
Laces and frills,
Flowing satins and beads of white.

Fitting into the gown,
I blow dry my hair.

"Oh crap, my hair!!!
It seems to have over dried,
For its as crisp as mom's cookie"

No time to waste,
I hop in to my car,
A drive along the highway,
A few bumps, here and there.

And, finally there!!!!

I get down, smooth my gown,
Comb my hair,
A dab of blusher,
A touch of color to my lips.

I gracefully walk over,
My lady like gait,
So well practiced,
For this special day!

I find the eyes many,
Watching over.
Murmurs of disapproval,
I hear them utter.

I walk over,
smiling hard,
Trying not to tremble.

And then,
I saw him-
Dressed in his best suit,
Handsome and shining,
He stood.

I contained the urge,
To run over to him.
And I walked in grace,
Towards the altar,
Where he stood.

"But...excuse me,
whats the bitch doing next to my guy?"
I asked aloud.

"Sorry my dear,
You were late,
And I married your bridesmaid"
He answered, in a hush hush tone!

I stared at him in disbelief,
And I found the many witnesses,
Nodding their heads in approval.

"Ohh crap! Now what do I do?"
Sweat breaking, heart wrenching,
I stared on... guy and his new lady...

"I better buy a new alarm, after all"
I muttered to myself,
And walked away!

Tringgggg Tringggg Tringggggg!

"Ohh crap... That was a dream?!?!?
Phew!!! Goodness gracious!"

Anyways, I better be not late..."


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  1. One of the nuttiest and the most enjoyable ones I've ever read from you..:)

    Adored it..!!




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