Sunday, 30 March 2008



Behind the curtains,
You are.

I know.

Don't you try... No! No!
You can't fool me,
Not this time...

Did you just move? I know-
You did.


In the dark, you hide-
Waiting to pounce on me,
I know-

Dad, why? You did kill mom,
And now-
You want to feast, on me.

Help! Help!
I wish I could yell.
But my voice seems lost-
Oh! Why did you choke me that night?

No! No! Don't come into the open.
I will kill,
Trust me... I will.


Nasty; your thoughts, insane;
Voices tell me, often.
I sit back,
Sweat breaking.

Dad, just hold me close-
Am scared;

Of the dark-
The night-
The light-
The flowers-
The stars-
The water-
The bed-
The mirror-

Am afraid,
Of you-
At times.

I miss mom, so often,
That I wish I could kill-
For leaving me, alone.

Oh, She is already dead,
Isn't she?

Dad, save me-
Oh dad, please save me-



Get off me-
I feel the cobwebs,
Hugging me, tight.

A bind-
Not letting go.

I know.

Dad is still there,
Hidden under the cot,

For me to sleep.

To gently, come out-
And choke me,
To death...

Just as, he killed mom.

I still remember, stark.


I can't sit, idle;
Nor can I be calm-
Dad, just leave me alone;
Let me be...


How my heart pains-
To see the fright,
The terrible fear-
In your eyes.

Oblivious, you-
Achingly I stand back-
Unable to touch,
To hold,
To console-

For, you fear,
And everyone-
Even your shadow, stark.

Dear one,I know-
You are haunted,
By your mom's death.
So am I-
Just try to understand.

Oh, how I wish-
You'd let go, of your fear,
And let me help-

But alas! One split second gone,
And you are never you, again.

My daughter dear,
Your schizophrenic eyes-
They search in the vacuum,
For pieces-
Of you,

And me-
But, in vain.


You never do realize-

Its you who choked her, that night.

No shadow, no me-
Its just you-
Always has been-

Just you.

Dear one,
I'll save you,
From all prying eyes-

Just let me...

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