Thursday, 20 March 2008


The crowd, it just grew-
A vicious circle,
Circumference ever widening.

I felt your hands,
Grope mine-
Ever so gentle,
You held onto me.

And, I felt safe.

Amidst the bustling horde,
We moved on-
Ever cautious,
Hand in hand.

The clatter went on, and on-
Decibels of magnitude, high,
And I felt you tremble.

Gently, I pulled you close,
Into my arms.
And you stayed,
Ever so calm.

And I led the way, ahead.

Delivering you, safe,
I let go of your hand,
And you sat down,
Across the alienated space.

Words of assurance,i didn't offer-
No matter what,
I knew, I had no choice, but leave.

Walking away,
I felt your gaze pull me,
A gentle sob,
Escaped your lips.

And I turned back, to you.

Your moist eyes-
Pouring into me-
A gentle tug, at my heart,
And I walked over to you.

The softest peal of your voice-
"Don't leave me..."
I sat down, on my knees, near you.

Your arms went round me,
Sobbing, tears flowing down-
You drench my shirt,
In all your love.

And I pulled back, smiling.

A gentle peck,
On your little red nose,
Promises to be back,
To take you home, I gave.

Walking back, I never looked back,
For I could never see your sad eyes,
Uttering your muffled cry-

Be it your first day at kindergarten...

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  1. Going to change my mind againn:)

    A favourite, of yours for me..:)

    Lovedddddddddddddd it for all those reasons...

    Keep counting those blessings too..hehehehe:)

    Lovely sashu, just absolutely charmingly, enchantingly loverrrrlyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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