Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Graveyard Fragrance

Let the rain drops splatter,
All over my grave.
The earthen land, dense;
Engulfing me, within-
A mound of gravel,
Thrown at me-
A random toss.

I hear a few chants,
From not so far, away-
A new visitor,
A fragrance fresh-
Carnations or lilies,
White or pink,
I wonder?

Its been a while,
Since I have had someone,
Come over-
No hand has ever touched me,
No flower has ever adorned me.
I wonder, why?
Ah! Desires of a wilted soul, unheard.

The veronicas have flourished,
I see-
Thriving from my dwindling essence,
It grows, covering me-
Pushing me deep, into oblivion.
And ruthlessly, I lay forgotten.

Graveyard fragrance-
Wish you could sniff the aroma,
Of dried up tears,
And soaked mud-
Withered soul,
And lifeless spirit.

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