Sunday, 6 April 2008

Dew Drops

From across the distance,
I await-

The sands of time,
Have spilled,
Into the unknown.
Yet, I find no trace-
Of yours.

It seems just yesterday-
The crimson sunset endearing,
Stepping out into the open,
On my solitary evening stroll-
I saw you.

Walking towards the horizon,
As achingly, the dusk set in,
Your silhouette shone,
In the canvas of eternal darkness-

The rustling leaves murmured a song,
And you turned, to me-
Our eyes grazed,
In the ashen silence-

And then, the stars sprinkled, all over.
Holding hands, we walked over,
Across the stretch of shore;
Endless rapture-

And then, as the spring set in,
You offered me a sight, precious;
Pristine dew kissing the rose petals, soft-
And that moment, you held my soul,
In your arms.

And yet, the very next morn,
I found you gone-
Wiped away, and I stood,
Promising myself to wait.

Everything seems just like yesterday-
I still try to catch the dipping sun,
As you taught me to.
I still smile at the sight of the chirpy birds,
Cooing in all love.
I still find time, to smell the roses, red,
You so dearly loved.

And I still,
Stand by the same winding paths-
Every eve, the twilight setting in;
Hoping to see-

And every night, when my eyes ache,
In the longing, to see you-
I walk out, into the garden,
Sit by the roses red,
Heaving with the weight of my tears;
And the rose petals, they shine,
Brighter than those dew droplets,
Of eons ago.

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