Tuesday, 22 April 2008

First time...

"Let go,
Just let go-

Close your eyes,
And free your limbs-
Let the breath fill,
And rush in through-

Let go, my dear,
Just let go-"


"Oh, but I cant,
The fear, it terrorizes-
Freezing me,
And I just wish,
To hang in there-

Don't let go-
Just don't let go of me."


"No, no-
Its time, to go-
To let you free,
To see you flap your wings,
And soar high-
Into the azure skies."


And then,
He gave a gentle push-

And she felt the push-
Her soul leaping in fear,
Eyes firm shut, heart beating fast-
She felt herself hurled,
Off the ground,
And into the open.


"Open your eyes dear,
Just open up-
And let the breeze fill you,
And the skies sing to you-
Open your eyes, baby,
Just open up."


Gentle, yet ever so hesitant,
She opened her eyes-
Squinting in the new light,
And then opening up.
She looked out into the open-

The world at her feet,
The skies her abode,
The breeze filling her up,
Beauty, at its best.

Soaring high-
She felt the thrill,
The joy of sprouting wings,
And flying along in glee-



And gently,
She looked down-

And waved out,
To her dad, who stood-
Smiling in all love,
Watching his little one-

Soar high,
On her swing-
Her very first time.

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