Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Ah! Marital Bliss!

The once-in-a-lifetime occasion,
Finally curtains drawn,
And stepping into a new space,
A fresh page of life's diary-

Boundless joy and heartfelt love,
As the curtains finally fell,
To let, the day out,
And the night in-

Step in, we did-
Into the spacious new room,
All adorned,
Decor shining.

A king's bed in red and gold,
Carpets of shiny glitz,
Curtains of silk-
Adorned in all splendor,
Awaiting us.

Our feet never took us to the bed,
Halting mid way,
We stood, looking at one another,
And then, the gaze fell down,

Eager and anxious,
We smiled in excitement-
Ever so gently, we pried open-
The wraps-
Of silk and gold.

One by one, the coverings shed,
Our gazes lingering,
Embellishments removed,
We went on-
Grinning and smiling.

And finally, when all undone-
We watched in awe,
Gasping at the beauty,
We sat-

Counting, one by one-

Every wedding gift,
Showered upon us.

Tired, exasperated and satiated,
We fell into a deep slumber,
On the shining red carpet anew.

Ah! Marital bliss!

1 comment:

  1. delightful!!!

    With that ending I'm practically Rotfl; very clever, very very clever indeed...


    Enjoyed this one Hugely!!!




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