Monday, 7 April 2008

Thoughtless Thoughts...

Don't ever, not again-

My lungs seem to scream,
A final note-
Before the burst.

I hear the bang,
From across the distance-
Ear shattering,
And I sit numb.

In my safe couch,
Munching on my cookies-
Ah! delightful.

The rain droplets wet my window panes-
The smoky fog coating all over.
And I walk over, smiling-
My fingers tracing patterns,
On the foggy terrain-

Amidst the lashing rains,
I make out a trace of fumes-

The gloomy day turns dark-
Blacken soot rising,
Blisters of fire, violent-
Flaming, even in the rains.

Another explosion-
I mutter to myself, in disgust.

Walking over to the couch,
Picking up a cookie-
I sit back, safe-
In the cocoon of my dad's protective wealth.

At times, I do feel a fear-

As though my breath gets short,
And my limbs go immobile,
Like the many, outside-

In the open, facing the rage-
The rage of the weak-
The fiery weakened souls-
The terror lashing minds,
Weakened by greed,
Threatened by the strength,
Of the innocent minds-

Surviving, after each terrorizing loss.

And all they want- destruction.
In sheer fear-
Of losing their grip,
Their hold.

Oblivious to themselves , they go on,
Lashing their violence-

Wishing not to give out, their fear,
A camouflage indeed!

Ah... I wonder if the networks would get jammed-
What if I have to sit back,
All alone,
Till the peace gets restored-

Until the next time-

Ah! What if?

All that I care today...

( Blame me, can you?

Deep in, I know... too feel just the same!! )

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