Friday, 11 April 2008

Laconic Brevity

The azure sky no longer promises me the stars,

Nor does the breeze croon to me, my dreams galore.

The day begins anew with the rooster's cry,

And the night ends with the echo of my breathing.

Amidst the short spell of the so called life,

I create scaffolds many, eruptions for the time being,

And then, letting go-

Evading the basic truth, prospering in the illusions,

The time-bound magic of solitude, loses its charm.

And, when its time for the phoenix in me to flame,

A smorgasbord of polish, spun by life itself, remains-

No savoir-faire to help.

Once again, a scaffold gushes forth, from the unknown-

And rhapsodize life into the living,

And the final breathe infuses all the credulity-

Ah! Laconism at its forever best.


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