Friday, 18 April 2008

Its us, dear.

Hanging up, on him-
I felt I would be calm,
Once and for good.

A moment of utter bliss,
Vengeance, but it wasn't-
It was, in all naked splendor.

Helplessly in love,
I need him around,
To understand me,
Without my words,
To pamper me,
In his every mood.

When things don't go my way-
I sulk,
And brood,
And fake.

And he'd ask me a billion times-
And why?
And all I'd say" ah..nothing, nothing at all";
When all I long for-
Him to understand.

He does,
More than ever reach out,
To me, deep into me-
But at times,
It seems so vague,
And no matter what, its so hard to know-
Even with words,
Forget the silent pleas.

Time ticked on, slow as never-
My insides started to churn,
And I felt my flesh burn-

Wondering hard,
If he has tried to reach me , or not?
Yet clinging onto an ego,
So non-existent.

And after a while,
Fresh pains,
Gnaw at me,
Pulling me apart-

And I give up.

Running over to the phone,
I purposefully, had kept, so far away-
I switch it on,
And dial the numbers so dear-

Hearing his voice-
My heart gives a leap.

Relief, I can note,
In his voice deep.
Off he goes, on a spree-
Gently miffed, he makes me realize-

Its not him, or me,

"Its us, dear".

And I feel a calm, engulfing me-
Wordlessly, I thank him,
Wordlessly, I push away my ego-

And wordlessly, at that very moment-
Ignited a new flame-

Of total selflessness,
And sheer love.

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